Rob remains true to his goal of keeping common sense on Toledo City Council. To this extent he stands for the following and will work under the following premises continuing in office:

1. As I have always done, listen to my constituents on the issues before making decisions on legislation.

2. Respond to constituent concerns in a timely manner.

3. Place the safety of the community above all.  “The primary responsibility of government is the safety of its citizens.”

4. Work closely with the Chamber of Commerce, Port Authority, and Regional Growth Partnership to encourage investment in Toledo and Northwestern Ohio.

5. Work closely with all of our Toledo schools, as I have in the past, to improve the quality of education.

6. Put political barriers aside, as I have always done, to work closely with council members, the mayor, and administration.

7. Reduce the payroll income tax for Toledo residents who become first-time homebuyers in Toledo city limits from 2 1/4% to 1 1/2% to help ignite existing home purchases within the city and contribute to an increase in home value throughout the city.

8. Promote a regional approach to economic development.

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