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  • Change the Toledo Municpal Code that all applicants for zoning changes and special use permits must post a visible sign at the location notifying that there is a proposed use change for the site.¬† This saves tax dollars for change notice mailings and lets nearby property owners and interested citizens the opportunity to know of a possible use change before it happens.
  • Requested and obtained voluntary limitation of alcohol sales and hours of operation at community festival to benefit the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Created the Greater Highland Heights Neighborhood¬† Association for the areas surrounding Highland Park.
  • Worked with District 2 neighborhoods and developers to increase and stabilize population through new home and condominium construction.
  • Opposed and defeated attempts to increase and expand adult businesses along the Reynolds Road corridor, helping the nearby residential and commercial areas.
  • Worked closely with the numerous manufactured home parks to help with issues including crime, over billing for water service, and maintenance.
  • Continually worked on zoning issues, holding neighborhood meetings with proposed developers to insure a partnership between the citizens and the potential development.
  • Amended Toledo Municipal Code to prevent the keeping of wild or dangerous animals in the city.
  • Worked closely with the Toledo Zoo on numerous issues including feral cats, boundary disputes, and the major expansion of the facility.
  • Negotiated to allow city employees serving in the military overseas flexibility in vacation time and pay upon their safe return.
  • Helped created numerous new Block Watch groups in our neighborhoods.
  • Sponsored many miles of residential street repaving.
  • Assisted in increasing water pressure to areas of Southwest Toledo.

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